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Born: 1983 | Tel Aviv


For more than ten years Ori Noam is a pro filmmaker who is an international award winning  writer-director and cinematographer with wide experience in short  films, broadcast TV, commercials, documentaries, video clips and corporate films.


​​Ori Noam graduated with BFA degree from Tel Aviv university's Steve Tisch School 

of Film & TV, Served three years in the air-force-films-unit SHAHAD, studied three years in Tel Aviv high-school-of-arts  (with excellence)​​​, and participated master-classes with world leading professionals as John Sayels,​ ​​Fred Elmes​​​​, ​Christian Berger​,​ Fred Kelemen and others.​

Ori Noam specialize in providing an intense look and feel, based on a concept which serves the story-line and the theme of the project to its best.

As Ori perceive it, the process of creating the concept is highly significant, in which establishing the form of the project, based on a constant dialogue between the client and the filmmaker.

For details and pricing you are welcome to ​contact Ori Noam.​


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